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We Stock and Ship


how our 3pl process works @ Stock and Ship


We have the warehouse space ready for use and labor available to receive shipments as small as a few boxes or as large as 40 feet containers. We will help you scale your business without the need to lease your own warehouse and hire employees.

Standard Size:   $1.00 per Carton
Oversize:            Custom Quote for Oversized* carton

Pallets:                $10 per Pallet
                             $20 for Palletization on receiving

Container:           $300 for 20 Ft Container
                             $600 for 40 Ft Container


We have accurate and efficient inspection services. From basic exterior carton checks, to detailed unit by unit inspections.
We offer inspection services when we receive your products via container or air.

   1. We do visual inspection of all the cartons and document any damages to the carton when we receive them.
   2. The damaged cartons images are sent to you so we can decide on the next course of action.
   3. The cost of this service is free to you on receipt of the shipment from your supplier.

We offer unit inspection services if you choose to determine the unit damage during the shipping from your supplier.
Inspection Fees $0.50 per standard size unit


We provide warehouse storage as needed and offer better rates as compared to Amazon or other 3pl’s. We receive your shipment from the supplier and drip feed Amazon warehouses. This process helps you lower the storage cost and helps build your IPI score and Inventory age with Amazon.

We provide free one calendar month of free storage. This is our way to partner with you to reduce your 3PL costs.

  • One Calendar month of free storage
    • Inventory received between 1st and 10th of month will get 30 to 20 days of free storage
    • Inventory received between 11th and 20th of the month will get 19 to 10 days of free storage
    • Inventory received between 21st and 30th of the month will get 0 to 9 days of free storage
  • $4 per carton storage (We cap this to $30 if you are storage more than 7 master cartons and less than 15 master cartons)
  • $30 Per Pallet storage after the first free calendar month.


We offer freight forwarding services which are priced per Item, Carton and per pallet. We can help reduce the cost by palletizing and sending LTL shipment. We do offer carton forwarding and leverage low shipping rates from UPS.

Standard Size:      $1.50 for shipping a unit
                                $2.50 per Carton

Oversize:                Custom Quote for Oversizedcarton

Pallets:                  $20 per Pallet