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Standard Size:  $1.00 per Carton

Oversize:           Custom Quote for
                            Oversized* carton

Pallets:              $10 per Pallet
                           $20 for Palletization
                           on receiving

Container:         $300 for 20 Ft Container
                            $600 for 40 Ft Container


  • One Calendar month of free storage
    • Inventory received between 1st and 10th of month will get 30 to 20 days of free storage
    • Inventory received between 11th and 20th of the month will get 19 to 10 days of free storage
    • Inventory received between 21st and 30th of the month will get 0 to 9 days of free storage
  • $4 per carton storage (We cap this to $30 if you are storage more than 7 master cartons and less than 15 master cartons)
  • $30 Per Pallet storage after first free month.


Standard Size:   $1.50 for shipping
                             a unit
                             $2.50 per Carton

Oversize:           Custom Quote for

Pallets:               $20 per Pallet 


Standard Size: 

$1.00 per Regular size Unit 

$2.00 per Cartons

$0.50 per Unit Restocking

$0.25 per unit Disposal fees

$2.50 per Carton 


Custom Quote for Oversized Item

Other Services

$0.50 Per Unit Handling

$0.25 per label Basic Labeling (FNSKU/Suffocation etc) 

$0.35 per unit Standard Inserts for products Under 5”X5”

$0.50 per unit Oversized Inserts for products over 5”X5” 

$0.50 per unit Inspection Fees

$0.30 Per SQ FT Small Bubble Wrap

$0.40 Per SQ FT Large Bubble Wrap 

$35 per hour for custom service requests

Custom Quote – Kitting/Bundling

Re Boxing

Small Boxes                      $2.00/Box

Medium Boxes                 $3.00/Box

​Large Boxes                      $3.50/Box

​Oversize Boxes                 $5.00/Box

Contact us for a custom quote