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Our services include

stock and ship

Amazon Prep

Amazon FBA can be challenging with all the detailed requirements and processes. However Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces to sell on and acquire customers. Let Stock and Ship support you with the entire process of Amazon.

receiving and storing inventory stock and ship

Receiving and Storing Inventory

Our team thrives on receiving your goods in a timely and orderly fashion. We have strict processes in place to make sure all of your goods get received with an accurate count and stored away efficiently.

order fulfillment stock and ship

Order Fulfillment

Whether you’re processing orders for retail stores or online we’ve got you covered! Our team is well versed in seeing where the orders are coming from and where they are headed to and packs the products accordingly.

inventory management stock and ship

Inventory Management

Our team helps in keeping track of your inventory and gives you visibility so you can see what you have in stock. Stock and Ship plans to build Inventory Management system for real time visibility for their customers.

pick and pack stock and ship

Pick and pack

An experienced fulfillment partner—like Stock and Ship—is invaluable when it comes to the pick & pack process. We’ll be there every step of the way to help you strategize, plan, and execute your fulfillment strategy in a cost effective manner.

return management stock and ship

Return Management

Returns can be overwhelming and difficult to manage but Stock and Ship is there by your side! We’ve set up guidelines for returns to make the communication easier from clients to warehouse.

amazon removals stock and ship

Amazon Removals

Amazon removals can be a pain to deal with and anyone who’s sold on Amazon is well aware of the challenges involved. Amazon sends removals randomly and with no process or system in place. However, our team has built our own processes to make sure we get every single removal unit with accurate inventory counts.

re-labeling stock and ship


Often mistakes take place while shipping (like wrong FNSKUs, or UPCs), we can resolve those easily. At Stock and Ship we can relabel any item and make sure we follow whatever guidelines you have in place for new item labels.